Stained Glass Designs and Construction--Sample Book

 About The Designs

All the designs are original (except for page 14, Angel, Lilly, and Peace Dove) and one of a kind. These are made as art, not just as decorative glass. Customers can choose to purchase a one of a kind custom design and it will be the only constructed and copyrighted version, (thus insuring its status as a sole work of art) or to purchase a version of an original. The price is comensurate with the choice. Either choice is a work of fine art that will adorn your home, office or mauseleum. We gaurantee that a version will never be used more than a total of ten times, thus making the purchase one of ten existing copies.

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Do You Live in Splendor?

If not, surround yourself with color and art! We can help bring color and interest to your rooms and eyes. We can help.

Are you curious about installing a window, sun catcher, or door? We can install if it is within our service area of Milwaukee and Chicago and the area between. Contact us for details.

Copyright Info

You may use these images on your personal 'non-profit' web site with notification, but the copyright infromation must remain intact with link back to Glass Hearts Studio site.

Commercial usage is not permitted without seeking approval.
Please understand that this business places a great deal of effort in creating one of kind designs and the unauthorized duplication, replication or copying of any kind is a breach of copyright and therefore liable for legal action.

If you are curious about installing a window, sun catcher, or door, please email me for more information.

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"The "Our home has
your stained glass art.
It is really enriching to the soul and senses to experience colored light from glass art."

Rev. Johnson of the Batist Church